Appature (acquired by IMS Health) provides surprisingly simple® cloud-based marketing tools for healthcare companies. Created by co-founders Kabir Shahani and Chris Hahn, Appature provides a simple way for Fortune 500 pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies to make their customer data actionable.

AppFog (acquired by CenturyLink) is a cloud-based hosting service for your favorite web application stack. You can get servers setup and ready for your code in under a minute. When your code is ready, deploy to AppFog's reliable, fast, and scalable platform with just a single command. The company was created by Lucas Carlson.

Apsalar is creating a new market in Mobile Engagement Management (MEM) for mobile apps. App developers and publishers are using Apsalar’s rich analytics to gain actionable insights into engagement, retention and monetization for their apps. The company was created by Michael Oiknine.

Array Health is a health care software and services company specializing in Private Exchange™ technology for insurers. The company was created by Jonathan Rickert, Daniel Wolf and Christopher Moneta.

BigDoor makes the online world more rewarding by providing gamification technology to non-gaming websites. Created by Keith Smith and co-founder Jeff Malek, BigDoor is a virtual economy platform that helps web developers and digital publishers add customized game mechanics to their sites or apps, allowing them to increase user loyalty, better monetize user interactions, and more effectively target new and existing customers.

Bonanza is a social marketplace where shoppers can find "everything but the ordinary": one-of-a-kind items that inspire passion, like purses, clothing, antiques, jewelry, memorabilia, and collectibles. The company was created by co-founders Bill Harding and Mark Dorsey.

Clipboard (acquired by Salesforce) is copy/paste reimagined for the web. Clipboard's clips are visually identical to the original source and the hyperlinks work as you would hope. The company was created by Gary Flake.

Cooler Planet (acquired by PURE Energiesmatches pre-qualified residential and commercial customers with local solar energy suppliers on a pay-per-lead basis. With hundreds of participating suppliers and a national service footprint, Cooler Planet is the leading provider of customer development services in this fast-growing market. The company was created by Tom Staples and Danny Vo.

Estately is a Seattle-based team of geeks taking on the $50 billion real estate industry by putting the power to find and buy homes in the hands of the consumer. Estately has the most comprehensive index of homes for sale, from trailers priced below $20,000 to mansions priced over $100 million, and every home in between. The company was created by Galen Ward.

Frame (acquired by Sailthru) helps online sellers turn their web-based e-commerce sites into beautiful tablet shopping experiences. The company is a member of the TechStars Seattle class of 2010 and was created by Kareem Amin and Nicolae Rusan.

Frugal Mechanic is an auto parts search and price comparison engine serving the $40B a year do-it-yourself auto repair market. The site regularly collects and compares pricing information from dozens of auto part retailers and distributes that information via FrugalMechanic.com as well white-label implementations of the service managed on behalf of dozens of partner sites. The company was created by Eric Peters and Tim Underwood.

GroupTalent is a marketplace that matches elite-level engineering teams with software innovation engagements offered by the worlds leading brands. The company was created by Gordon Hempton, Wes Hather, Manuel Medina and Andrew Kinzer

Haiku Deck is the simple new way to create stunning presentations on an iPad – whether you are pitching an idea, teaching a lesson, telling a story, or igniting a movement, it's fast, fun and simple to use. No design skills required. The company is led by Adam Tratt, Kevin Leneway, and Marc Kamaka all three Seattle Techstars 2010 alumni.

Highlighter is an open platform for saving, sharing and commenting on digital content, helping readers engage more deeply with text and images while offering publishers a richer understanding of and closer relationships with their reader base. The company was created by Josh Mullineaux, Matt Blancarte and Nate Whitehill during the TechStars Seattle 2010 program.

Instagift is is the easiest way for independent merchants -- from local restaurants and retail stores to music and entertainment venues  -- to sell gift cards online. The company was created by brothers Nate and Mike Schmidt and is a member of the TechStars Seattle class of 2010.

Lighter Capital offers hybrid financing solutions for fast-growing companies, filling a need in the growth capital market for companies with approximately $1 to $10 million in revenue and a proven plan for growth. The company was created by Andy Sack and Randall Lucas.

Massively Fun is a small social gaming company dedicated to building the biggest games in the world. The company's first game - Wordsquared - pits wordcrafters against one another in real time on an infinitely large game board. The company was founded by Grant Goodale.

Meldium is building out the SaaS-powered future of work by eliminating the tedious and insecure aspects of using applications on the web. Instead of sharing spreadsheets, users can access all their web apps from one homescreen and teams can provide access to apps without sharing passwords. The company was created by Boris Jabes, Bradley Buda, and Anton Vaynshtok and was part of the 2013 Y Combinator class.

MobileDevHQ provides mobile app marketing tools and solutions to iPhone, Android and Windows Phone publishers, with a specific focus on app store optimization and inbound (organic) marketing strategies. The company also operates iPhoneDevSDK -- the world's largest independent online community of mobile developers -- and AppStoreHQ -- a consumer-facing mobile app discovery service.

OneWed provides beautiful wedding inspiration, planning tools, tips and suggestions for design-conscious couples. The company's iPad app -- Wedding Inspiration by OneWed -- is the leading social idea book and for brides and wedding planners.

oneforty (acquired by Hubspot) is a marketplace for social media marketing tools, tips and best practices. The company is a member of the TechStars Boulder class of 2008 and was created by Laura Fitton.

Shippable is a cloud platform for continuous integration and deployment of Enterprise software using Docker's open-source containerization engine. The company was created by co-founders Avi Cavale and Manisha Sahasrabudhe and is a graduate of the TechStars Seattle class of 2013.

SimplyMeasured - makers of RowFeeder and Export.ly - builds easy-to-use social media marketing and analysis tools for marketers, making rich data visualization and analytics accessible to non-technical professionals. The company was created by co-founders Aviel Ginzburg and Damon Cortesi.

Smore is a commercial publishing platform that makes it easy and fun for non-technical people to create beautiful, functional "online flyers" -- promotional webpages with a specific purpose, like selling a product, advertising a service or promoting an event. The company was created by Gilad Avidan and Shlomi Atar, and is a member of the TechStars Seattle class of 2011.

Sparkbuy (acquired by Google) is a shopping engine that makes it drop-dead easy to shop for hard-to-buy consumer products like computers, televisions and other "information overload" categories. The company was created by serial entrepreneur Dan Shapiro.

SPARQ.me (acquired by Yahoo!) is a smartphone marketing platform for real-world brands, offering barcode-based customer engagement, tracking and management software in the cloud. The company was created by co-founders Jesse Chor, Alex Nguyen, Mike Emery and Yowhan Moo.

Thinkfuse (acquired by Salesforce) is an Enterprise Software-as-a-Service platform that turns the dreaded weekly status report into a powerful business intelligence tool. The company was created by co-founders Brandon Bloom and Steve Krenzel and is a member of the TechStars Seattle class of 2010.

Unbounce is a DIY landing page platform that makes it easy for digital marketers to create, publish, manage and analyze results from web-based landing pages with zero IT support. The company is based in Vancouver, BC and was created by Rick Perrault, Jason Murphy, Carl Schmidt, Justin Stacey and Oli Gardner.

Urban Airship builds RESTful APIs for iPhone and mobile developers to easily perform core functions like push messaging and in-app transactions, leaving them more time to focus on the differentiating and fun bits of their apps. The company was created by co-founders Steven Osborn, Scott Kveton, Adam Lowry and Michael Richardson.

Zipline Games offers an open-source, cross-platform development environment for mobile games. Zipline's Moai SDK and Moai Cloud make multi-platform, web-supported game titles accessible to any Lua shop, from one-man shows to the largest studios. The company was created by co-founders Todd Hooper and Patrick Meehan.