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Built by founders, funded by founders, and designed to put founders first.

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Since 2008, we've built the most powerful network in the region to help founders succeed; from founding, to funding, to scaling.


We've invested in more than 91 companies


Our companies have raised over $1.4 billion in funding

Why the Pacific Northwest?

Before Washington, Oregon and British Columbia were individual states or provinces, they were the Oregon Territory. Settled by pioneers, shaped by the Klondike Gold Rush and self-reliant by remote necessity, the region continues to attract leaders and builders who aren’t afraid to do things differently.

We are proud supporters of the unique innovation ecosystem that thrives across the entire region and are on a mission to power and enable founders with that pioneer mentality.

Our Regional Network

Founders' Co-op has led the Techstars Seattle program since its inception in 2010 and in 2017 helped create and now lead the Amazon backed Alexa Accelerator, powered by Techstars. In 2013 we created Startup Hall, where we're still located today, in partnership with the University of Washington to foster an organic interchange between academic and commercial innovation.

Techstars University of Washington