What we do

What we do
Founders Co-op is a seed-stage investment fund based in Seattle.

We believe the Pacific Northwest — from Portland, OR up to Vancouver, BC — is loaded with entrepreneurial talent and grossly underserved by the early stage investor community.

We’ve pooled the resources and expertise of some of the Pacific Northwest’s most successful entrepreneurs and early-stage investors to scout for exceptional talent in these markets and bet on great teams with big ideas.

Our specific focus is on web and mobile opportunities that require limited capital to demonstrate market traction, but have a shot at making a real dent in the universe at scale.

The fund is managed by Andy and Chris, but our extended network of limited partners and mentors offers deep domain expertise in everything from finance and operations to marketing, sales and software engineering.

We also work hard to create an open and supportive community among our family of entrepreneurs, because starting companies can be lonely, and the most useful advice typically comes from people who’ve been there before or are right there with you.